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'Bhagat Singh Thind'
Graphite and Charcoal of the late 'Bhagat Singh Thind' which is on A2 (420x594) paper. The portrait was commisioned by Sikh Lens and presented to the family of Bhagat Singh Thind at Chapman university in orange county USA.

Bhagat Singh Thind (October 3, 1892 – September 15, 1967) was an Indian-American Sikh writer, scientist and a lecturer on spirituality who was involved in an important legal battle over the rights of Indians to obtain U.S. citizenship.

Thind had enlisted in the U.S. Army a few months before the end of World War I. After the war he sought the right to become a naturalized citizen, following a legal ruling that Caucasians had access to such rights. In 1923, a crucial Supreme Court case United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind was decided in favor of the United States, retroactively denying all Indian-Americans born abroad citizenship for not being a White person "in accordance with the understanding of the common man."[1]

However, Thind remained in the U.S., completed his PhD, and delivered lectures in metaphysics. Basing his lessons on Sikh religious philosophy, he added to his teaching with references to the scriptures of several religions and the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, and Henry David Thoreau. He campaigned actively for the independence of India from the British Empire. Then, in 1936, Thind applied for and received U.S. citizenship through the state of New York
'Light at the end of the tunnel'

Graphite and Charcoal drawing titled 'Light at the end of the tunnel'. Which is my fourth completed large A1 (594x841mm) drawing and took about 115 hours over 16 days to complete.

Although this drawing is open to interpretation and people can take from it what they like. The reasoning behind it is actually quite specific and is really about ‘depression’. I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember, and although I am ok now, for a long time I was in a really dark and suicidal place.

Luckily I managed to get help and started drawing again 4 years ago which helped me break out of my depression. Unfortunately for allot of people, especially men, talking about their issues and problems is very difficult. Which is why the highest reason for male deaths, is from suicide.

So this drawing is trying to convey how I felt when I was depressed. As although everyone is laughing there is a man in the middle of the drawing who is not, this is supposed to represent me. And the dark clouds are meant to represent the depression trying to overcoming me.

And the reason why everyone is laughing is because one of the things I've always hated, especially when depressed, was when people would laugh hysterically. As I have hardly ever laughed hysterically, so it’s something that I have always had a hard time understanding.

This is due to the fact then when I was severely depressed, I could not understand why others were so happy. As I had a warped version of reality, where I thought everyone else was having a great time and had amazing lives, while I was miserable. Obviously, now looking back I know that is not true, as everyone has problems and lots of people suffer silently with depression.

Although this drawing is about depression it is not just doom and gloom and has a positive side. As someone who has been through years of depression, one thing I can say is that depression does not last forever. So the dark clouds that are representing depression, in my artwork, is slowly starting to disperse and a ray of light is shining through and beating back the dark clouds of depression.

And i hope by me being so open about my struggles and how I overcame my battle with depression, that others can see that the dark black hole that they think they are there in, is not real. And that if they persevere and get help that there is ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Graphite and Charcoal drawing titled 'Delilah'. Which Is my third completed large A1 (594x841mm) drawing and took about 130 hours over 20 days to complete.

Definitely the most difficult drawing i have done to date, as my biggest weak points have been female faces and hair. But Learnt allot from this drawing and through trial and error, has hopefully helped me improve my technique in those to weak areas.
'The Things I've Seen'

Graphite and Charcoal drawing titled 'The Things I’ve Seen'. Which Is my second completed large A1 (594x841mm) drawing and took about 115 hours over 16 days to complete and is the first piece i ve done on animal cruelty for over a year.

This particular drawing is quite subtle and may not be obvious that its about animal cruelty at first. As initially it just seems like a women looking through blinds and crying. But on closer inspection you can see in the reflection of her eyes, with pigs being hung upside down and slaughtered at a slaughterhouse.

Being a vegetarian my entire life (trying to become a vegan) I have always found peoples disconnect and relationship with animals and meat very disturbing. As I feel people just completely ignore how much suffering and trauma animals go through so that they can have a meal on there plate. Except when they have an emotional connection to the animal like dogs, cats, horses etc then there horrified.

The meat industry and slaughterhouses operate under enormous secrecy. The majority of people do not know how a slaughterhouse works or how animals end up in these places; this is because the meat industry tries very hard to hide its routine procedures. No school would take children on a field trip to one of these inhumane places.

In order to get consumers to buy their products, the meat industry has to keep the horrors that millions of animals face every day hidden from our eyes and ears.

Below are some of the most common slaughterhouse procedures,

1. Forced fasting, They stop feeding animals 48 hours before being sent to slaughter so there are no traces in their digestive system that impede the processing of the meat.

2. Inhumane transportation, Animals are sent to slaughter crammed into trucks that can travel long distances while banned from food and water. For some animals, this will be the first and the last time they see the sunshine, because they lived their entire lives inside artificially illuminated factory farms.

3. Waiting for the end Animals have to wait their turn at the slaughterhouse. The wait can last one or two days long. Some animals, such as pigs and cows, witness how their peers are sent to death, and suffer terribly knowing that they will be next.

4. Electrocution Before dying, different types of mechanisms are used to knock out animals before being slaughtered. Pigs are left unconscious; they are electrocuted with an apparatus applied to their temples. Hens and chickens are forced to pass upside down by electrified water. And cows have their skulls drilled with a special gun, which introduces a retractable bullet into their brains.

5. Cruel death, Decapitation occurs when the animals are hung upside down. Hanging upside down allows them to bleed out quicker, meaning that it is more commercially beneficial for subsequent processing of the meat.

Slaughterhouses "process" many animals a day, so its operation is similar to an assembly line. Cows and pigs, animals of great weight are lifted from the floor by their rear legs, causing them tears and breaks. After that, they are slaughtered by the killers, their trembling bodies can be extended endless minutes.

Chickens and hens are hung upside down on conveyor belts. They are mechanically slaughtered by machines. In poultry slaughterhouses, almost everything is automated. They can kill more than 50,000 animals in just one week.

If there is one thing I want people to do while looking at my artwork is to 'think' about what they are doing when buying or eating meat. And to please take the time to watch the video 'from farm to fridge' here . As the amount of suffering that millions of animals go through on a daily basis for human consumption, in my opinion is one of the worst acts of evil.

'The Past is the Past'
Graphite and Charcoal drawing titled 'The Past is the Past'. Which Is my first completed large A1 (594x841mm) drawing and took about 130 hours over 20 days to complete.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
United Kingdom
Before i give my life story i just wanted to highligtht that my drawings will mainly consist of graphite. And will encompass a wide variety of different 'fanart' especially sci-fi, games and comic book characters,aAs well as traditioal portraits (which is not my strong point yet).

Now for my life story. I have been drawing and loved art for as long as i can remember and graduated with a degree in 'Product Design' 13 years ago. And I also had my comics strip published in a national U.K newspaper when i was only 15. But for reasons that are way to complicated to go into here, i abruptly stopped drawing. And all self belief and confidence in my drawing abilties vanished which left me having no interest in art or design and I subsequently did not draw for a full 11 years.

But in mid 2012 i had an urge to draw again so opicked up my bic biro pen and haven't really stopped. And I loved using all types of pen's (hence my name) to draw, with my favourite pens originally being 'bic pens', 'magic markers' and 'rotring isograph pens'. But haveing started using graphite in sept 2012, it has now overtaken them and has now become my favourite medium to use.

I am only now at a point (since my spiderman drawing) where i should have been, due to neglecting my skills for 11 years. But i am making up for lost time and drawing every day and will not be happy till my work is up to the standard of some other incredible artists on DA, like 'Angelstorm-82' . So to all the other amazing artist on here thanks for the inspiration that you give me.


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